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How to Write Guest Post for Blog?

1st Step for Guest Post Submit

  1. Read our Submission Guidance.
  2. Share your topic, Title and Ideas to our Guest Post Manager for review.
  3. You can also share your Content in this Given Format.
  4. Please share content in Doc File with Complete Details.

2nd Step for Guest Post Submit

Share your Keywords and Target URL to our Guest Post Manager, Our Team Will Provide You

  • Focus Key phrase, Alternative Keywords, and Subheading.
  • Ref Links of any Existing Blog and Titles
  • Feel Free to Mail:- asroyalchoice@gmail.com or WhatsApp us +91 8630518155

Submission Guidance for Guest Post Submit

Submission Guidance for Guest Post Submit Articles Should be written on the basis of Focus Key phrase, keywords and title. Focus keywords or Key Phrase Should Be 3 times in Content, One Time in Subheading, and also in Title, Description, and conclusion. Titles should be short, captivating, and to the point- this will make sharing the post on social media and finding it in search engines much easier.
  • 1st Focus Key phrase Should Be in 1st paragraph in 1st or 2nd Sentence.
  • 2nd Focus keywords Should Be under the Subheading paragraphs.
  • 3rd, Focus keywords you can use anywhere or in conclusion.
  • Article Length Should Be minimum 600 words,
  • Try to use Alternative Keywords in Content
  • Every Paragraph length should be less than 50 Words.
  • Every Sentence Length should be less than 20 Words.
  • Do not include inappropriate language in your post.
  • Keep it friendly, light-hearted and humorous, reflecting the blog’s ethos and aims.

Special Notes

Special Notes :-

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