Sand Timer Hourglass woods rectangle


Precise Timekeeping: Accurately measures time with a Sand Timer Hourglass design. Elegant Aesthetics: Small Sand Clock Metal Glass with a Vintage and Unique Creative look. Multi-Functional: Ideal as an Hourglass Timer for Office Desk, Home Gifts Kitchen Decorative Purple, or for any space. Versatile Use: Multi-Purpose Sand Timer for various activities in Home or Office. Time Management: Sand Timer 30 Minutes for efficient task allocation. Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality Wooden and Metal components. Eye-catching Decor: Enhances surroundings as a Glass Decoration. Durability: Sturdy build ensures long-lasting use. Charming Vintage Appeal: Hourglass Timer Vintage design adds a touch of classic charm. Thoughtful Gift: Perfect for Home Office, making it a practical and memorable present. Functional Art: Sandglass Clock Gola International offers a blend of functionality and artistry. Enhance Productivity: Wooden and Metal Sand Timer Hour Glass aids in time management and productivity. Unique Display: Stand out with the Sand Clock’s one-of-a-kind appearance. Desk Essential: An ideal addition to any workspace for both style and function. Engaging Visual: Watching the sand flow provides a soothing and engaging experience. Colour Round Shape Brand FunPa Material Metal, glass, sand Item Weight 370 Grams Number of settings 2

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